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Hanumanmal Jain - Golcha

Hanumanmal Jain - Golcha - Marketing Head

Whenever, we undertake any work with honesty, truthfulness and patience  and also inculcate the feeling of helpfulness, loyalty and social welfare  in it, then our success is definite. This is the conclusion of the 51 years experience which I have from my past. I feel immense proud to say that I have tried to live my entire life on the basis of this principle.

I am fond of dreaming since beginning. Maybe because this depicts my desires. These dreams have continuesly inspired  me to be always active, to work hard and achieve something in life. You all had faith on me and I have always kept that faith. It's proof I see in public welfare programmes, where I feel  proud and lucky to receive your support.

It was my dream that was motivating me. My dream always troubled me that Human Galla Bazar's (Delhi Grain Merchant) businessmen have given me so much. They showered me with the feeling of belonging, identity, popularity, earning, love and immense blessings. Now, it is my turn to pay them back. This though pondered in my mind always. After thinking a lot, I came to the conclusion that why not along with giving "Delhi Galla Vyapaar" a national recognition, I shall make effort to now give it an international fame. This became my life's only aim  to introduce an "E-dictionary" for "Delhi Galla Vyapaar" (Delhi Grain Merchants) and to present it as a Digital India in front of the entire world. So that "Delhi Galla Vyapaar" could make it's mark and recognition in the entire world. The result is before you. I started taking steps forward towards my dream. I know I still have to work hard to achieve my dreams.

I have full faith that the way you all love and support me, I shall achieve my goal. Very soon the E-dictionary of famous and important businessmen of India's business market will be in front of you.

Ashu Rai

Ashu Rai - Administrative Head

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